Web curation limits excess searching

After reading the article, I can understand how some creators of original content might be upset that other people are using their work to make money.  However, I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of web curation as long as the curator makes it clear that the work is not their own and merely a collection of other people’s work.  Linking to other web pages or multimedia projects is a great way to showcase someone’s work and creators should be excited anytime their work is shown because it will only give it more exposure.  As long as curation sites give credit to the original writer or producer, creators should be glad that their work is being used.

Keeping a web curation on a topic for this class allowed me to learn more about the process of web curation.  It is the curators job to search the internet for the best articles or information on a specific topic.  Curators have to sift through tons of information on a given topic and then select only the most important or most interesting articles to use on their site.  I think this is a great help to web users because by looking at your web curation they can find the best information on a subject all on one site and limit the time they would otherwise spend surfing the internet.

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Predictions, projections and injury updates for week 13

This is a video from ESPN’s fantasy football site with analyst Christopher Harris discussing the latest news and offering predictions for week 13.  Need to know the latest injury report on Antonio Gates?  Whether to start Josh Freeman or Matt Ryan?  Can Matt Cassell continue putting up big numbers? Then check out the video and let ESPN analysts Christopher Harris and Stephania Bell guide you to victory.

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Important week in fantasy football with playoffs approaching

This post from the blog Razzball addresses some big match-ups in Week 13.  The two night games this week are especially intriguing, as the Steelers face the Ravens on Sunday night and the Patriots take on the Jets on Monday night football.  Both the Patriots and Jets are 9-2 and playing well as of late, and the winner of this game will likely win the AFC east division.

In terms of fantasy, the blog post has a list of players along with a couple of sentences detailing each player’s scenario this week.  Some of the players are dealing with injuries while others could be expected to have a great or awful week.  In what is the last regular season game in many fantasy leagues, there is reason to spend a little extra time adjusting your lineups to be as successful as you can.

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ESPN fantasy football rankings

It is interesting to look at player rankings near the end of the fantasy season.  You can either pat yourself on the back for drafting a good sleeper turned fantasy stud or slam your fist down for picks that didn’t pan out.  Every year certain players come out of nowhere to become fantasy stars, and the owners who draft them are near the top of their leagues.  Here’s ESPN’s rankings of each position as of Nov. 23.  Check it out to see where your players fall on the list.

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Fantasy football week 12 matchups

Dave Richard of cbssports.com wrote a good article this week called “Week 12 fantasy football matchups”.  Richard breaks down every game and rates each team’s qb, rb, wr, te and k on a scale of zero to five based on how well they are predicted to do in the matchup.  There is a chart for each game that includes these players along with a number of team logos next to each player, indicating the player’s rating.  Richard also writes a paragraph or so on each game that explains the reasoning behind his ratings and adds other information on the game.  He provides a thorough analysis of each game and it is definitely worth the read.

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Fantasy football news and notes

Here’s an article called “The Fastest 3 Minutes in Fantasy Football”.  It’s a short article with some interesting points about recent trends and insight on which players are poised for a good game.  The article is short enough to read the whole thing, and the writer shares some useful information.

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Fantasy football: week 10 pickups

Check out this video from Yahoo! sports’ fantasy page about which players to add to your team for this week’s upcoming games.  With bye weeks, player injuries and all the other stuff going on in the NFL right now, it’s crucial for team owners to be constantly working the waiver wire.  The difference between winning and losing a matchup can come down to only a few points, so don’t miss out on snagging a key player for week 10.

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