Web curation limits excess searching

After reading the article, I can understand how some creators of original content might be upset that other people are using their work to make money.  However, I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of web curation as long as the curator makes it clear that the work is not their own and merely a collection of other people’s work.  Linking to other web pages or multimedia projects is a great way to showcase someone’s work and creators should be excited anytime their work is shown because it will only give it more exposure.  As long as curation sites give credit to the original writer or producer, creators should be glad that their work is being used.

Keeping a web curation on a topic for this class allowed me to learn more about the process of web curation.  It is the curators job to search the internet for the best articles or information on a specific topic.  Curators have to sift through tons of information on a given topic and then select only the most important or most interesting articles to use on their site.  I think this is a great help to web users because by looking at your web curation they can find the best information on a subject all on one site and limit the time they would otherwise spend surfing the internet.

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