1.  ESPN has a whole section of its website designated for fantasy football and has a staff of writers who specifically cover fantasy football and fantasy sports year round.  The writers publish articles, lists, injury updates and other useful information to help fantasy owners win their leagues.  This will be a great site for me to use because multiple new stories are added throughout the week.  This is where I usually look first for my fantasy football news

2.  Yahoo is another site that offers fantasy leagues and regularly adds relevant news and updates.  It is similar to ESPN and covers a lot of the same information but the writers and analysts on Yahoo have different opinions and tips that could be useful.

3.  FF Today is a site that I found the first time I was looking for potential sources and I really like what it has to offer.  The layout of the site makes it easy to find exactly what kind of information you’re looking for.  For example, it has tabs labeled articles, projections and stats.  There is a cool feature called “road to gameday” that shows what was added each day during the week leading up so Sunday’s games.

4. has some really cool features and the site has information that fantasy owners will definitely find useful.  It has articles, blogs, statistics and even a forum for people to go to.  I spent some time on the site and I like its navigation bars because I was able to find exactly what I wanted.  The site will be a good resource and it provides great team and player breakdowns.

5. has a cool fantasy football blog that is sort of different from the other websites.  The site uses more humor than the others listed, which makes it more interesting and fun to read.  I liked one feature that ranked players into tiers and some of the tier names were pretty funny.

6.  Cbssports also has a pretty extensive fantasy football page.  There is a ton of information on the home page and at first it looks like a lot to digest, but there is some valuable stuff.  I like how the site has important charts and lists easy to find on the home page.

7.  The Fantasy Football Geek Blog is another blog that might be a good source for the project.  Since I already have well-known sites like ESPN, Yahoo and CBSsports that will provide a lot of useful information, I want to find blogs like this one that have unique articles.  This blog looks like it could be a good source and the writers also use some humor.

8.  Fantasysharks has articles, tools and projections that fantasy owners can use to help them win his/her game each week.  Other sites offer similar information but it never hurts to compare rankings and check multiple sources.

9.  Rotoworld is a big fantasy sports site that has a nice football section.  The site has a lot of helpful information in different forms such as columns, lists and rankings.

10.  I found this blog called Flex Position that looks like it will be a solid source of material.  It has tips on who to start/sit each week as well as videos on other topics.


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